Fox Eye Surgery: Your Complete Guide to the Fox Eye Lift

Fox Eye Surgery: Your Complete Guide to the Fox Eye Lift
September 10, 2020 Arviv Aesthetics
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Foxy Eyes Before and After

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New beauty trends are constantly emerging. One of the latest trends that are growing in popularity is the fox or cat-eye. Foxy eyes are slightly slanted, almond-shaped eyes. While some people achieve this look by using winged eyeliner to give the illusion of cat eyes, others undergo a plastic surgery procedure to change their eyes’ natural shape. Few people are born with natural fox eyes, but the experts at Arviv Medical Aesthetics can help you achieve this beautiful eye shape through one of four simple medical procedures.

What Is the Fox Eye Surgery?

A fox eye lift is a medical procedure that physically changes the shape of your eye rather than alluding to the appearance of a cat-eye like makeup does. The procedure is intended to mimic the appearance of fox eyes, hence the name. Although you can often achieve a similar look with makeup, a fox eye lift offers longer-lasting results. It is a harmless procedure that requires minimal recovery time.

Fox eye lifts are designed to lift the outside corners of your eyes and pull them slightly outwards to give you almond-shaped eyes. Changing the shape of your eyes to make them foxy gives you a more youthful appearance. Arviv Medical Aesthetics offers four procedures to help patients achieve this look. Depending upon your individual needs, you can choose any of the following procedures to get the cat eyes you desire.

How Does a Fox Eye Lift Procedure Work

  • PDO threading: This procedure is non-surgical and offers a minimal recovery period. The medical practitioner will numb desired treatment areas with local anesthetic and insert tiny threads underneath the skin. These threads then lift areas of concern. Although it is commonly used to remove smile lines, this procedure is also effective for achieving foxy eyes. The results typically last for up to four months. We offer PDO threading in Miami, as well as Tampa and Ocala.
  • Blepharoplasty: This procedure involves cutting away a small portion of a hooded eyelid. It is one of the most common types of facial plastic surgery and can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For people who want a permanent fox eye life, this option is best because it removes excess skin and lifts the corner of the eye up.
  • Temporal lift: A temporal lift raises your eyebrows to tighten the skin around your eyes. While most eyebrows have a natural arch, a temporal lift raises the outside corner to naturally lift your eyes. It is most often achieved through injectable fillers such as Botox®, and the results are temporary. However, this option typically has no recovery time.
  • Canthoplasty: This option is often used to correct vision problems as it primarily elongates eyes. When used for fox eye surgery, the procedure involves making small incisions on the outside corners of your eyes to stretch them slightly and give them an almond shape. The procedure usually takes up to two hours, and the effects are permanent.

What Is the Recovery Period for Fox Eye Surgery?

The recovery time for cat eye surgery varies depending upon which procedure you choose. Temporal lifts have no recovery period, and you are free to return to work immediately. You will, however, have to wait a day or two to resume using eye makeup. Similarly, PDO threading requires little recovery because it is non-surgical. You may notice some bruising for a few days following the procedure, but you may resume normal activities within a day or two of having it done.

The recovery time for blepharoplasty or a canthoplasty will be slightly longer because they are surgical procedures. You may not be able to return to work for a week, and you will not be allowed to wear eye makeup until your eyes have completely healed. Due to your eyes’ new shape, you will also need to take extreme care to shield them from sun exposure. However, the scars for both types of procedures typically heal entirely and are no longer noticeable once the recovery period is complete.

How Do You Make Your Eyes Look Foxy?

If your eyes are naturally elongated, you may be able to achieve fox eyes by using winged eyeliner. This effect is temporary, so it will be a good way to see if you like how almond eye surgery will change your appearance. If you like the appearance of cat eyes, you can contact the cosmetic professionals at Arviv Medical Aesthetics to discuss longer-lasting and permanent options. Because the effects of some cat eye surgeries are irreversible, it is a good idea to ensure you know you will be pleased with the results.

Before and After Photos of the Fox Eye Lift

Foxy Eyes Before and After Multiple Anglesfox eye lift before and after


How Can I Make My Eyes More Lifted?

Not only does almond eye surgery elongate your natural eye shape, but it also lifts the outside corner of your eye to smooth visible signs of aging and give you a more youthful appearance. The easiest ways to make your eyes lifted are PDO threading and temporal lifts. Blepharoplasties and canthoplasties are designed to change the actual shape of your eyes, and while they can often make eyes appear more lifted, the former options typically achieve better results in terms of lifted eyes. They work by tightening the skin around your eyes for a more natural appearance.

How Long Do Foxy Eyes Last?

If you choose to use makeup to create the illusion of fox eyes, the effects will only last until you wash your face. PDO threading typically lasts for at least three months, while you can expect the results from temporal lifts to last for up to a year. Although the effects of these options are temporary, choosing one of these procedures is a great way to ensure you like the way your fox eyes look before you commit to a permanent solution like blepharoplasty or canthoplasty. These surgical procedures alter the actual shape of your eyes.

Where Can I Get a Foxy Eye Lift in Florida?

Because foxy eyes can be permanent, you should ensure you seek the treatment from a licensed professional such as the ones at Arviv Medical Aesthetics. We understand that every patient has individual needs, so we take a customized approach to surgery. We will sit down with you to discuss your reasons for wanting foxy eyes and work with you to determine which procedure is best for you. This customized approach ensures you get the foxy eyes you want to give you a stunning, sultry appearance. Because all of our practitioners are certified, you can be confident you will receive exceptional service at either of our clinics.

Foxy eyes are stunning and youthful, making them a worthwhile beauty trend to follow. With four different procedures to choose from, Arviv Medical Aesthetics is prepared to give residents of Tampa and Miami, the foxy eyes they dream of so they can keep up with the latest beauty trend. We’ll create an individualized treatment plan so you can be confident you’ll achieve the gorgeous foxy eyes you want. Contact us in Tampa or reach out to our med spa location in Miami as well as Ocala to discuss your treatment preferences and decide which fox eye treatment is right for you.