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Picoway & Picoway Resolve Laser Treatment in Tampa

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The PicoWay® and PicoWay® Resolve Treatments in Tampa

Here in Tampa we provide several different treatments using the PicoWay laser. These laser treatments utilize what are called a picosecond, meaning very short, laser bursts which can be help address a number of conditions. The PicoWay laser is used in the standard PicoWay treatment via several different hand pieces. A member of our team will select the proper tool for your scenario that will best address your condition. The PicoWay Resolve treatment here in Tampa uses a specifically designed hand piece that allows the laser to be split into tiny identical beams. This allows the laser to reach just under your top layer of skin and with it’s ability to exude little to no heat, your recovery will likely involve minimal downtime.

Treating Acne Scars With the PicoWay® Laser

Acne is a widespread problem for many people in Tampa, with some of those who suffer from it even see acne result in scarring. For many, it can seem that attaining a beautiful, consistent complexion is impossible. Here at Arviv Aesthetics in Tampa we utilize the PicoWay Resolve laser treatment to treat acne resulting from collagen loss in your skin. The ultra-short laser utilized in the PicoWay treatment as capable of getting below your top layer of skin and stimulates natural collagen production, as well as the production of elastin. Clinical studies have shown improvement in 94 percent of the treated areas.

Picoway® Resolve for Wrinkles & Finelines

The PicoWay laser treatments we offer in Tampa are amazing because they can do so many different things. For instance, removing wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Wrinkles like this are yet another condition which stems from the collagen and elastin loss. This means that the PicoWay laser we use here in Tampa is perfect for addessing wrinkles like this, with clinical studies showing significant successes and high patient satisfaction. Plus, the PicoWay laser is less invasive than surgery or injectables. The PicoWay Resolve reaches beneath the upper layer of your skin to stimulate the production of collagen, for quick and effective results.

Picoway® Laser for Melasma & Dark Spots

Dark spots is a broad term including a number of things, such as age spots, freckles, brown patches, and melasma. The cause of conditions like this can sometimes stem from exposure to the sun or changes in hormone levels. The issue is that this condition cannot be effectively treated with topical products like creams and lotions.  Whereas our PicoWay laser in Tampa allows us to get beneath the top layer of skin and address the dark spots, resulting in clear and consistent skin.

PicoWay® Laser for Tattoo Removal in Tampa

In addition to treating skin conditions, PicoWay is an effective option for tattoo removal, using its pulsing laser to dissipate tattoo ink. Because it works on a wide range of ink colors and skin types, PicoWay is a popular method for laser tattoo removal. Arviv Medical Aesthetics is utilizing PicoWay for many cases of laser tattoo removal in Tampa.

Get PicoWay® Laser Treatments in Tampa, FL

To learn more about how PicoWay and PicoWay Resolve can have a positive impact on your life and help treat your specific skin condition, contact our Tampa location to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable, professional team.

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