ArviCell Enhancement Therapy


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Utilizing stem cells, exosomes, and nano technology as structural tissues in the fields of aesthetic procedures, hair restoration, sexual rejuvenation, pain management, and wellness care is a cutting-edge approach that has the potential to revolutionize the medical industry. Stem cells and exosomes have the ability to differentiate into different types of cells and promote tissue regeneration, while nano technology can improve the delivery and efficacy of these treatments. This approach can provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments, offering patients a more natural and long-lasting solution.


What is ArviCell Enhancement Therapy?

Our Proprietary Regenerative Therapy Protocols prime and then support your body so that the ‘stem cells’ you receive produce maximal therapeutic effects in your body tissues.


Introducing ArviCell Enhancement Therapy: The Future of Regenerative Medicine

At Arviv Medical Aesthetics, we are constantly striving to offer the most cutting-edge and effective therapies to help you look and feel your best. That’s why we’re excited to introduce ArviCell Enhancement Therapy – a revolutionary new approach to regenerative medicine that includes Stem Cells as well as NanoParticle Therapy (formerly known as ‘Exosome’ Therapy) and the latest advancements in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and tissue allografts derived from bone marrow, amniotic matrix, placental matrix, and umbilical cord tissue.


What is ArviCell Enhancement and How Can it Benefit You?

ArviCell Enhancement Therapy is a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs, using a combination of the latest regenerative medicine techniques and products. Our therapies also include NanoParticle Therapy, which uses cell-free growth factor or extracellular particles therapy (otherwise known as ‘exosomes’) as long as their function benefits you and the outcomes desired. By delivering these powerful healing molecules to damaged or diseased cells, we can help promote cellular repair and regeneration, which can help you feel and look younger.


What’s Included in Your ArviCell Enhancement Therapy?

Your ArviCell Therapy may include any combination of PRP and tissue allografts like amniotic fluid, amniotic matrix, Wharton’s Jelly, and umbilical cord tissue – all of which may or may not include stem cells. We only use products that are legal and FDA Compliant, and that are best suited to your specific needs. Additionally, your treatments may also include NanoParticle Therapy to enhance the delivery and effectiveness of exosomes.


Experience the Future of Regenerative Medicine with ArviCell Therapy

The future of medicine has arrived. If you’re looking to increase your overall energy, strength, vitality, sexual performance and appearance, look no further than Arviv Medical Aesthetics. 

We are utilizing the cutting edge regenerative therapies combined with personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific goals to regrow hair, eliminate joint pain, optimize sexual health and performance, reverse skin damage, regenerate collagen and much more. These advanced therapies are changing lives and increasing lifespan.  Come visit us at our clinic to learn more about how ArviCell Enhancement Therapy can benefit you!

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Is ArviCell Enhancement Therapy Safe and Ethical?

Absolutely! We are committed to providing safe, effective, and ethical treatments that are tailored to your individual needs. All of our products are sourced from FDA Compliant and screened donors, and we adhere to the highest standards of safety and ethical practice. Our therapies are non-invasive, simple, and take no more time than a traditional office visit. Plus, you can rest assured that we will always offer you the safest and most effective FDA Compliant products.


What are Stem Cells and How Can They Help You Look and Feel Younger?

Stem cells are a type of cell that can turn into any healthy cell in your body, like bone, cartilage, heart, muscle, and skin cells. They are naturally found in your body and help repair injured or damaged tissues. However, as we age, our body’s stem cells also age and become less effective. That’s where we come in! At our medical aesthetics clinic, we use stem cells derived from different sources based on what will help deliver the most effective outcome. Sources such as bone marrow aspirate, umbilical cord tissue, placental tissue, or amniotic matrix, which help revitalize and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.


How Can Stem Cells Benefit You?

Stem cells have the amazing ability to promote cellular repair and regeneration, which can help reverse signs of aging and make you look and feel younger. Our stem cell therapies are simple, safe, and non-invasive, and take no more time than a traditional office visit. They have been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions, including knee and joint pain, arthritis, chronic headaches, low back pain, and more. By promoting overall revitalization and rejuvenation of the body, stem cells can be highly effective in helping you feel and look your best.


Are There Any Side Effects?

When used in a medically appropriate and individualized manner, there are no known ill side effects, no allergic reactions or body rejection. Our stem cell therapies are safe and simple, and do not require anesthesia. They are a cutting-edge and revolutionary approach to feeling and looking younger, without the risks and downtime associated with more invasive procedures. Come visit us at our medical aesthetics clinic to learn more about how stem cell therapy can benefit you!

ArviCell Enhancement Therapy is used in many treatments, including:

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