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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Ocala, FL

Ready for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy? Then you have come to the perfect place for hormone replacement therapy in Ocala, FL!
Do you realize that you might be showing symptoms as early as 30 years old? Many people are misdiagnosed and even mistreated due to early symptoms. You could be prescribed medications like adult ADD medication, anti-depressants and more. Don’t leave any questions in your mind. If you think it is a possibility that you are ready, please call us to schedule a consultation.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits

  • Join pain relief;
  • No more hot flashes or night sweats;
  • Improved skin elasticity;
  • An increase in sexual desire;
  • Decreases your risk of developing osteoporosis, thyroid problems, cancer and more;
  • Overall mood increases

Symptoms can begin as early as 30 years of age and many are misdiagnosed and mistreated with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, adult ADD medications among others.

Here at Arviv Medical Aesthetics, we offer Hormone Pellet Therapy. These pellets have estrogen and testosterone, which emulate the body’s own hormones, from sources found within plants so they are all-natural. These pellets are tiny, only about the size of a Tic Tac.

This very small pellet is placed under the skin and will slowly release hormones into your system for four to six months. The BHRT pellets do not have fluctuating hormone levels like you might see with other hormone replacement delivery methods. It eliminates that feared up-and-down cycle.

Natural (or bio-identical) hormones are exclusively derived from converting plant compounds into molecular compounds that are the same as what the human body makes. The compounds are a 98 percent bio-identical match for hormones like 17-beta-estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone. That 98 percent match compares to only a 6 percent to 8 percent match for synthetic hormones.

Before you begin bio-identical hormone therapy, your hormone levels with be taken and evaluated. In four to six weeks after you begin therapy, your hormone levels will be re-evaluated. Then again in three to five months. After your first year, your hormone levels will be evaluated less frequently.

Please call us to schedule a consultation to help you start your journey into HRT in Ocala, FL. We can help you navigate this next step in your life so that you feel great and keep enjoying life. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Benefits of Estrogen

Estrogen is a female hormone that is produced in the ovaries.  Your body has receptor cites for estrogen everywhere including in your brain, muscles, bones, bladder, gut, uterus, ovaries, vagina, breasts, eyes, heart, lungs, and blood vessels.  Estrogen has over 400 crucial functions in your body.  It regulates your body temperature, helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, helps prevent muscle damage and maintain muscles, helps regulate your blood pressure, enhances your energy, improves your mood and increases your sexual interest.

Other Functions of Estrogen in Your Body

  • Acts as a natural calcium blocker to keep your arteries open
  • Aids in the formation of neurotransmitters in your brain (such as serotonin), which decrease depression, irritability, anxiety, and pain sensitivity
  • Decreases LDL (bad cholesterol) and prevents its oxidation
  • Decreases lipoprotein A (a risk factor for heart disease)
  • Decreases the accumulation of plaque on your arteries
  • Enhances magnesium uptake and utilization
  • Enhances the production of nerve-growth factor
  • Helps maintain the elasticity of your arteries
  • Helps maintain your memory
  • Helps prevent tooth loss
  • Helps with fine motor skills
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Increases blood flow
  • Increases concentration
  • Increases HDL (good cholesterol) by 10 to 15 percent
  • Increases reasoning
  • Increases the water content of your skin, which is responsible for your skin’s thickness and softness
  • Increases your metabolic rate, which helps your body run at a youthful level
  • Inhibits platelet stickiness, which decreases your risk of heart disease
  • Maintains bone density
  • Maintains the amount of collagen in your skin
  • Protects you against macular degeneration, an age-related eye ailment that may cause vision loss

Benefits of Testosterone

Testosterone falls into a class of hormones called “androgens.”  Androgens are commonly referred to as “male” hormones, but they are present in women as well.  The reason they are called male is because the human characteristics they stimulate and control are considered to be masculine characteristics.

Testosterone is made in the adrenal glands and ovaries.  For more women as they age, the ovaries produce less testosterone.  Of this testosterone, only one percent is free, meaning it is available for the body to use.  The rest is bound to sex-hormone binding globulin.  Women who have increased levels of androgens have higher levels of free testosterone.

Other Functions of Testosterone in your Body

  • Decreases bone deterioration
  • Decreases excess body fat
  • Elevates norepinephrine in the brain (has the same effect as taking an antidepressant)
  • Helps maintain memory
  • Increases muscle mass and strength
  • Increases muscle tone (so your skin doesn’t sag)
  • Increases sense of emotional well-being, self-confidence, and motivation
  • Increases sexual interest (86 percent of women say they experience a decrease in sexual interest with menopause)

Causes of Testosterone Deficiency:

  • Adrenal stress or burnout
  • Birth control pills
  • Chemotherapy
  • Childbirth
  • Cholesterol-lowering medications
  • Depression
  • Endometriosis
  • Menopause
  • Psychological trauma
  • Surgical menopause

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A significant hormonal transition will occur in the first four weeks after the insertion of your hormone pellets. Therefore, certain changes might develop that can be bothersome.

  • FLUID RETENTION: Testosterone stimulates the muscle to grow and retain water, which may result in a weight change of two to five pounds. This is only temporary. This happens frequently with the first insertion, and especially during hot, humid weather conditions.
  • SWELLING OF THE HANDS & FEET: This is common in hot and humid weather. It may be treated by drinking lots of water, reducing your salt intake, taking cider vinegar capsules daily, (found at most health and food stores) or by taking a mild diuretic, which the office can prescribe.
  • UTERINE SPOTTING/BLEEDING: This may occur in the first few months after an insertion, especially if you have been prescribed progesterone and are not taking properly: i.e. missing doses, or not taking a high enough dose. Please notify the office if this occurs. Bleeding is not necessarily an indication of a significant uterine problem. More than likely, the uterus may be releasing tissue that needs to be eliminated. This tissue may have already been present in your uterus prior to getting pellets and is being released in response to the increase in hormones.
  • MOOD SWINGS/IRRITABILITY: These may occur if you were quite deficient in hormones. They will disappear when enough hormones are in your system. 5HTP can be helpful for this temporary symptom and can be purchased at many health food stores.
  • FACIAL BREAKOUT: Some pimples may arise if the body is very deficient in testosterone. This lasts a short period of time and can be handled with a good face cleansing routine, astringents and toner. If these solutions do not help, please call the office for suggestions and possibly prescriptions.
  • HAIR LOSS: Is rare and usually occurs in patients who convert testosterone to DHT. Dosage adjustment generally reduces or eliminates the problem. Prescription medications may be necessary in rare cases.
  • HAIR GROWTH: Testosterone may stimulate some growth of hair on your chin, chest, nipples and/or lower abdomen. This tends to be hereditary. You may also have to shave your legs and arms more often. Dosage adjustment generally reduces or eliminates the problem.

Prices are subject to change and personalized prices will be provided upon consultation.



Optimize your bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy with specially formulated BioTE® Nutraceuticals! Ask your participating provider which supplements are right for you to better balance hormones.

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This powerful, optimizing natural component balances the metabolism of estrogen in the body. Found in cruciferous vegetables, DIM can be beneficial for breast, uterine, cervical and prostate health. DIM is not a plant estrogen or an estrogen mimic like soy isoflavones, but rather an estrogen balancer. DIM stimulates more efficient metabolism for estrogen. DIM promotes beneficial, healthy estrogen metabolism in both women and men and frees testosterone from binding agents in your blood, which helps balance your hormones and makes you feel great!


The most powerful combination of protection and absorption for the body.


Probiotics are live microorganisms that are either the same as or similar to those found in the human body. Although we tend to think of bacteria as harmful “germs,” many bacteria actually help the body function properly. Probiotics aide a variety of gastrointestinal issues such as immune support. Probiotics are also used for preventing tooth decay and other oral health problems.

Omega 3

An important factor in maintaining healthy bodily functions. BioTE® Omega-3 aids in muscle activity, blood clotting prevention, digestion, fertility, and cell division and growth. Commonly used supplements that contain omega 3 include: fish oil (which provides EPA and DHA) and flaxseed oil (which provides ALA). DHA is vital for brain development and function. ALA is considered an “essential” fatty acid, meaning we obtain it through diet or supplements because the body cannot manufacture it. BioTE® Omega 3 is beneficial to the heart, eyes and brain, and helps with arthritis relief and infant development.


Required for the normal development, growth and maintenance of the bones.
Supports bone remodeling, which is our body’s way of removing old or weakened bone tissue to make room for new, stronger tissue. This remodeling process is critical to the repair process of the bone matrix to retain bone density. It also plays a role in stimulating bone-building cells to secrete proteins that are required for bone mineralization.


Fat-soluble vitamin essential for maintaining normal calcium metabolism.
Supports calcium absorption in the stomach and helps maintain adequate blood levels of calcium and phosphate to enable normal mineralization of bone. It’s also needed for proper bone growth and remodeling. Without sufficient vitamin D, bones can become thin, brittle or misshapen. It also helps support normal cardiovascular function and healthy blood pressure.


Plays an essential role in our health — cardiovascular disease is an illness of nutritional deficiency. Nutritional deficiency appears to be a factor in the development of diabetes and liver cancer. Plays an essential role in bone metabolism and promoting healthy teeth. It helps vitamin k2 guide calcium toward the areas of the body where it is needed (such as the skeleton) and away from areas where it could have a negative effect (such as the cardiovascular system).