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Intimate Area Lightening & Bleaching

Skin hyperpigmentation is unsightly for many people, especially in the male and female intimate areas. Nowhere is this more obvious than the adult film industry. Intimate area lightening (also known as intimate area bleaching) became popular in adult entertainment because it made the male and female genitalia more attractive on camera. This became even more important due to the advent of high-definition television.

Hollywood celebrities made intimate areas lightening or whitening famous amongst the who’s who in the movie industry, making it more mainstream. As laser hair removal and Brazilian waxing became more popular, so did intimate area whitening, and today it is a standard procedure used to even out the skin tone around the genitalia, making you feel confident and sexy.

What is Intimate Area Lightening?

Intimate area lightening or anal and vaginal bleaching is a process of lightening the naturally darker areas (called hyperpigmentation) of the vaginal, penile, and anal areas, making the skin of these areas match the rest of your skin. These darker areas are caused by the skin pigment melanin. The more melanin in the area, the darker the skin color. Melanin production increases when the skin is exposed to heat or sunlight or UV rays.

This discoloration is completely normal but can be worsened by the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, the aging process, infections and other medical conditions. In fact, this hyperpigmentation can be caused by anything that produces inflammation, heat, and friction. The medical term for this is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH.

Intimate Bleaching in Ocala, FL

At Arviv Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Arviv treats various skin conditions that are cosmetically undesirable including intimate area bleaching as well as the removal of skin tags, moles, and lesions. She also uses advanced injectables to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles that naturally occur as we get older.

Dr. Arviv works with her patients one-on-one to educate them about their condition and her procedures and techniques so that you feel 100 percent comfortable with her services. Her competent and friendly staff will make you feel right at home the moment you arrive for your appointment.

Do you need intimate area lightening in Ocala? We want to provide you with the best intimate area lightening services in Ocala. Dr. Arviv will work one on one with you to create a customized skin-lightening treatment plan that meets your needs.



  • Two days prior to treatment, discontinue using any topical medications. If in doubt about using any product, please discontinue it and discuss with the practitioner at your appointment.
  • Shave before appointment.
  • If you have a history of herpes simplex virus (cold sores or fever blisters), in rare instances a reactivation of this condition could occur after treatment. Please inform your nurse or physician so that an anti-viral medication can be prescribed before the treatment.


  • During the first 5 days post treatment, care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treated site: avoid scrubs, clarisonics, luffas, microderm crystals, wash cloths or anything abrasive. any mechanical or thermal damage to the area must be avoided.
  • Anything that produces heat in the skin should be avoided for five days: hot baths, steam rooms, saunas, hot showers, UV exposure, and hot tubs. the gym should also be avoided for 24-48 hours.
  • Cleanse the skin the following morning post treatment with our gentle cleanser. The skin should be kept clean (cleanse twice a day) to avoid contamination or infection.
Intimate Area Bleaching





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