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Many people of all ages struggle with hyperpigmentation and skin redness, even if they don’t spend a lot of time in the sun. If you’ve tried various solutions and haven’t seen great results, it can be discouraging and hard to know where to turn.

For clients who want to see a visible difference in their skin’s brightness and overall tone, an IPL photofacial in Miami may be the treatment you’ve been looking for. Arviv Medical Aesthetics offers IPL photofacials to qualified candidates, servicing the entire Miami, Florida, area.

An IPL photofacial can treat everything from sun spots to diffused redness. If you’re considering an IPL photofacial, read on to learn more about this popular treatment and whether it may be the right option for you.


What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This treatment, which is also known as a photofacial, treats a wide variety of skin conditions and is rapidly gaining traction with skincare enthusiasts.

Traditional laser treatment devices use only one laser beam and target individual areas of concern one at a time. IPL treatments, on the other hand, utilize technology with a broad spectrum of multiple light wavelengths for greater coverage and more effective surface color correction.

How Does IPL Work?

IPL works by interacting with the blood vessels in the skin, allowing red blood vessels to absorb light and close off. Not only can this drastically improve the appearance of surface redness in the skin, but it can also treat brown spots caused by sun damage or acne, making IPL a great option for anyone who suffers from skin appearance issues.

Candidates for IPL Treatment

IPL can treat a variety of skin types and conditions, including broken capillaries, age spots, hyperpigmentation, pigmented lesions, diffused redness, acne scars and prominent red blood vessels.

While IPL works for a wide variety of clients, people with lighter skin tones will see the best results from their treatment. Effective IPL treatments require a higher contrast between the pigmentation areas and the rest of the skin, so clients considering IPL should avoid regular sun exposure and not have heavily tanned skin.

What to Expect From Your IPL Photofacial

Depending on the severity of the conditions you are trying to treat, you might require 2-3 IPL sessions over a several-month time span. Most clients require three sessions, although aggressive cases might call for only one treatment. The treatment only lasts for about 20 minutes and, after the treatment is done, you are free to walk right out of the office, with no downtime required.

What are the Benefits of an IPL Photofacial?

Those who choose to schedule an IPL photofacial can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including smoother skin texture, a brighter tone, and a more youthful appearance. Additionally, IPL can help to reverse damage and dark spots caused by spending a lot of time in the sun — making this treatment a great option for those who want to effectively “restart the clock.”

Recovery and Results

After you get your IPL treatment in Miami, you might expect some redness and or slight swelling in the treatment area. Although the immediate after-effects are usually very minor, you will want to be mindful of the treated area and avoid unnecessary sun exposure for a short time. You are free to wear makeup over the area to cover any lingering redness if you prefer.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most common questions about IPL photofacials to help you determine if this treatment is the right one for you.

Can I have an IPL photofacial if my skin has been tanned?

No. If you have tanned skin or have recently spent a great deal of time in the sun, you are not a candidate for an IPL photofacial at this time.

How long is the recovery time for an IPL photofacial?

IPL is often referred to as a “lunchtime procedure,” meaning that there is no downtime required for recovery. However, you might notice some lingering redness on the treated area for 1-3 days. Any treated pigment is expected to slough off the face within one week, and from the body within two weeks.

How long will I need IPL photofacial treatments?

Depending on the severity of the skin condition that you wish to treat, you might require 1-3 IPL sessions. At your initial consultation, a treatment plan will be outlined for you, so that you know what to expect.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my IPL photofacial treatment?

When preparing for your IPL photofacial treatment in Miami, you should avoid spending any time in the sun. You should also avoid any skincare products containing retinol and take care not to use any products on the skin that might cause a reaction.


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