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There is good news for those seeking laser tattoo removal in Tampa. In recent years, there have been major technological advancements in the way tattoos are removed from the skin. If you’ve reached the point where a tattoo no longer represents who you are or fits your personality, you’ll be happy to know that you have new options that often exceed client expectations.

What Is a Nanosecond Laser?

Tattoo removal has traditionally involved a laser using nanosecond technology, but this method is sometimes painful and produces less-than-desirable results. The term nanosecond refers to the amount of time each laser burst hits the skin. In the case of the nanosecond, that amount of time is equal to one billionth of a second. This is still just enough time to cause significant pain and reduced effectiveness.

What Is PicoWay® Laser Tattoo Removal?

The latest technology advancement in laser tattoo removal comes through a laser system that utilizes picosecond technology. What this means is that ultrafast bursts of light, measuring to one trillionth of a second, are used to break up ink particles within the skin. This advanced system is called PicoWay. PicoWay produces superior results when compared to older technology and it has the added advantage of being far less painful. PicoWay reduces the amount of time the laser is on your skin, which minimizes the chances of harmful burning and allows for faster recovery time.

What Makes PicoWay Different?

Most of the older generation tattoo removal technologies are unable to work effectively on certain skin tones or with certain ink colors. Many of these older technologies are also unable to completely remove all ink particles, resulting in blistering or just plain-old bad looking marks. Here are some of the ways that PicoWay is different than other tattoo removal methods:

  • Versatile: Compatible with any skin tone and with any color of tattoo ink.
  • Effective: Reaches the smallest of ink particles and flushes them out of the body.
  • Fast: Fewer sessions to remove your tattoo means less cost and less time spent on the overall tattoo removal process.
  • Gentle: Ultra fast pulses mean less laser time on your skin.
  • Short: The average appointment is around 20 minutes.

What Does it Feel Like?

Many tattoo removal candidates worry about the level of pain involved with laser treatment. One FDA employee, who works with tattoo removal, claims that it depends on a person’s pain threshold. The sensation can be compared to hot oil hitting the skin while cooking, or perhaps rubber bands snapping against the skin. An expert doctor will work to minimize any discomfort and allow for a more gentle experience. Topical and local anesthetic is usually available.

What Is the Outlook? 

The number of required sessions depends on the age, depth, size, and complexity of the tattoo. Some complex professional tattoos can require 6-10 sessions, while simple homemade designs can be removed in as little as one or two sessions. There does need to be some amount of time between sessions in order to allow the area to heal. The interval between sessions is usually 4-6 weeks. The skin does need to be well hydrated as it heals and should be kept away from sunlight.

Tattoo Removal in Tampa with Arviv Medical Aesthetics

When it comes to finding laser tattoo removal in Tampa, Arviv Medical Aesthetics employs the latest PicoWay laser technology. Arviv Medical Aesthetic physicians can answer any questions and advise you on a laser treatment that can help remove that unwanted tattoo. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Call (813) 855-0111 to schedule your consultation at our Tampa office.



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Treatment Instructions


We cannot treat suntanned or self-tanner/spray-tanned skin due to increased complications. You must wait 2 to 3 weeks until tan coloring fades.

  1. Keep treated area out of the sun for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. A minimum SPF30 or greater (UVA/UVB) should be used for any sun exposure during your treatments prior to going outside. Sunblock is preferred to sunscreen. KEEP IT COVERED if in the sun.
  2. Shave area the day prior to or on the day of the treatment (if applicable).
  3. To minimize any discomfort, we recommend that you take Tylenol a couple of hours prior to the procedure.
  4. Pain medications such as Motrin, Aspirin and Alieve thin blood and promote bruising and, therefore, should be avoided 3 to 7 days before treatment.
  5. No Accutane, Retin-A, Retinols, AHA’s or other topical acid products on the skin.
  6. Do not consume caffeine or any other stimulating substances the day of treatment.
  7. Do not have your laser tattoo removal treatment done under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This can cause thinning of the blood, which can lead to increased bleeding and other more serious problems.
  8. Notify us of any medical changes.
  9. Treatment can be scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.



The tattoo removal laser treatment may create a superficial burn wound. There is immediate whitening of the treated area, which usually lasts for several minutes. Then the tattoo will be slightly swollen and look normal in 24 hours. The ink will start to fade in 3-4 weeks. Healing is usually complete within 4 weeks, although this may vary.

  1. Keep the treated area clean and dry while it is healing. Clean the area gently with soap and water and then pat the area dry. You may apply a thin coating of ointment up to three times a day for 3 days while the area is healing and you should keep the area moist with aquaphor for 48 hours.
  2. Blistering is may occur and is likely to occur within 8 hours after your treatment. Do not be alarmed as blisters heal very well and are part of the normal healing process. Blisters indicate your body’s immune system is healing the area and beginning to remove the ink from your tattoo. It is natural for blisters to pop, and please continue to cover with a sterile bandage until blisters have healed. Continue to put antibiotic ointment over the blisters once they have popped for at least 24 hours. Avoid pool, hot tub, bleach or public water until healed to reduce risk of infections.
  3. You may apply cool compresses as necessary for 24 hours after the laser treatment to help reduce discomfort and inflammation.
  4. Do not pick at the scabs, as this may result in infection and scarring. Shaving should be avoided in the treated area until it is completely healed.
  5. Feel free to shower 2 hours after the treatment, but take care to avoid high pressure water hitting the treated area. Baths, hot tubs, swimming pool, or any form of soaking are not recommended until all blistering and scabbing are completely healed as they may increase the risk of infection.
  6. Exercise is generally safe after treatment taking into account the other aftercare instructions provided herein.
  7. Wear a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher over the area for duration of 2-3 weeks after the treatment and continuously until you complete all treatments. Do not wear makeup or any cream or medication on or near the treated area unless recommended by our office for 24 hours.
  8. Itching is very common due to the dehydrating effect of the laser treatment. Use Aquaphor, Vitamin E ointment, or hydrocortisone cream to the treatment area.
  9. If the area looks infected (honey colored crusting, pus, and oozing or spreading redness), if you experience an unusual discomfort or bleeding, if any other complications develop, or if you have any questions or concerns, contact the office immediately.
  10. Of course, if you have any extreme reaction, call 911 and to the emergency department.


If any problems should occur after your treatment, the following measures should be taken:

  • Inform a representative at our office immediately after a reaction has occurred or within 24 hours of any side effects such as burns, infection, bleeding, allergic reaction, blisters, scabbing, crusting, skin color and/or textural changes. If immediate care is needed, a physician will evaluate the patient and necessary treatment will be provided. If you do not contact the office within 24 hours you will be held liable for any permanent skin changes that may occur. You should wait 12 months before determining that a skin condition is permanent.
  • Fill out a form with the physician describing in full detail what type of symptoms or side effects are present. This will be done in ALL cases that have any type of symptoms or side effects.
  • All treatments will stop until all issues are resolved and the patient will be reassessed before further treatments will be provided.
  • If it is decided by the physician that the client cannot continue treatments, a refund will be provided. If this should occur, the client MUST explain the reasons why he/she does not want to continue their treatments and MUST complete the required form to file a complaint. Each case will be evaluated and addressed individually.
  • If I choose to or need to go to another physician for medical treatment rather than Dr. Arviv, I hereby consent to releasing the medical records from that physician/facility to Dr. Arviv, along with photos of my problem.