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Miami area residents seeking transformation put their confidence in Arviv Medical Aesthetics for excellence in skill and patient care. An individual’s ideal look is very personal, and the goal of the experienced team of surgical professionals is to help each person reach that ideal. 

With expertise in various surgical and non-surgical enhancement options, the Miami plastic surgeons at Arviv Plastic Surgery can help you reach your appearance goals and boost your confidence. 

Facial Plastic Surgery Types

A person’s face is the first thing most people notice, so it is no surprise that a face procedure is usually the most common modern plastic surgery Miami area residents seek. Some procedures are geared toward reducing the signs of aging, while other procedures correct or improve features that have been sources of concern. 

  • Targeted facelifts. Specific areas of the face, such as the neck or brow, can be surgically lifted to remove the appearance of sagging or lax skin and restore a more youthful appearance. 
  • Overall facelift. Instead of focusing on one area of the face to lift, the surgeon makes small incisions near the ears and in the hairline to tighten sagging skin over the entire face and neck. 
  • Targeted plastic surgery. Patients with specific areas of concern can have corrective surgery to reach a more desired look. Some specific areas include the nose, chin, eyelids, ears, cheeks, or lips. 
  • Non-surgical options. Patients seeking a rejuvenated appearance without committing to a surgical procedure have options for peels, fillers, injections, or laser skin treatments. 

Body Plastic Surgery Types

Although surgical lifts are often associated with the face, many people choose lifts throughout the body for areas of sagging or loose skin. Popular areas of concern are the arms and thighs. A full-body lift after weight loss removes the excess skin you no longer need with your smaller physique. After having children, it is common for mothers to request a mommy makeover, which includes both a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation. You can also pursue augmentation on other areas of concern, including the calves, buttocks, or labia. Miami area residents know they are in good hands with Arviv Medical Aesthetics from body lifts to tummy tucks. 

Breasts Plastic Surgeries

Although ideal beauty standards change over time, breasts remain a common focal point of self-image concerns. Whether size or shape is the primary concern, a breast procedure can make a big difference in self-confidence. Depending on the specific concern, breast surgery could include augmentation, reduction, lift, revision, nipple correction, total reconstruction, or removal of old implants.

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Plastic Surgeries for Men

Male plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many males prefer subtle and discreet enhancements and corrections. Although older males still enjoy the benefits of age reducing procedures such as the face, neck, or brow lifts, others opt for enhancements that increase the look of muscle tone. 

Popular areas for cosmetic surgery enhancements include the calves and pectoral muscles. Like women, men also may have areas of the face or body that cause self-image concerns and can be corrected through cosmetic surgery. Ears, chin, nose, and eyelids are all commonly corrected areas. Some males request liposuction as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures, especially if the overall physique is fit and there are targeted problem areas. 

Set Up a Consultation

If you have a body concern and are looking for a high-quality and finely-tuned plastic surgeon Miami based Arviv Plastic Surgery has the experience and talent to help make your idea of an ideal body into more of a reality. 

Before committing to any procedure, the surgeon walks you through the entire process to make you feel comfortable and fully informed before you make a decision. The process includes a realistic idea of the final results and a thorough explanation about the recovery process, so you know what to expect. 

If you are ready to make a change or are just curious about the possibilities, contact Arviv Plastic Surgery today to set up a consultation. 

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