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Regenerative Medicine

The healing properties of the blood components in PRP can be used as a cosmetic treatment for the following:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening and toning skin
  • Mild collagen and volume loss
  • Crow’s feet and dark under eye circles
  • Acne scarring
  • Rosacea

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an extract of your own blood that contains three to five times more platelets, growth factors, and active proteins for tissue and injury healing. It has been used medically for years to accelerate wound healing; repair tendon, ligament and joint damage; heal diabetic ulcers; help regrow muscle and bone. When PRP is placed back into the skin by injection or micro-needling, it initiates a localized stem cell response. Over the weeks and months following treatment, this stem cell response recruits collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts. The fibroblasts replace tissue that has been damaged or lost through the aging process with healthy skin that looks refreshed and rejuvenated.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

PRP is natural. It is taken from the patients own blood to regenerate skin, nerves, blood vessels, and accelerate tissue repair. The treatment begins, by drawing blood from the patient which is then spun in a specialized centrifuge. This process separates the blood from the plasma and platelets. The Plasma that is concentrated with platelets is injected back into the tissues.

Once injected the platelets release growth factors which stimulate stems cells in the tissue to create new tissue which is more youthful. All the old and damaged tissue is renewed again. There is not much downtime with the procedure, and typically not much discomfort with the use of anesthesia. There is no risk for reaction or rejection since the procedure utilizes your own blood.

PRP has many uses and may be combined with other treatments to maximize efficacy and results.

We offer the following procedures using Platelet Rich Plasma

All PRP procedures are done with anesthesia.

  • Vampire facial ® – is microneedling with Hyaluronic acid, peptides, and platelet rich plasma- topical only
  • Vampire facial ® with injections – micorneedling with HA, peptides, PRP topical as well PRP injections to target problem areas.
  • Vampire facelift ® – PRP injections to face to improve skin and problem areas, up to 50 units of botox, and 2 syringes of fillers.
  • Vampire Breast lift ® – combination of micro needling and PRP injections to rejuvenate the decollate or breast area and nipple sensitivity.
  • Scalp PRP– Increase hair growth. Includes – 30 minutes Infrared therapy, Microneedling, PRP injections to scalp with additional Acell growth factors
  • O shot ® – Injections into the G-spots, and clitorus to rejuvenate nerves, blood vessels and sensitivity to climax also improves urinary leakage. We may recommend to purchase Apex M- for best results. The Apex M does your kegel exercises for you. It strengthens the muscles in the vaginal walls to improve laxity, sensitivity, and urinary incontinence.
  • P shot ® – 4 injections into the penis to improve sensitivity, firmness of erection, appearance, blood flow. We may recommend to purchase a VED which is a vacuum device that you use at home helps increase blood flow, erection and size.

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