Shockwave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Tampa


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If you’ve been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, or ED, it can be difficult to know where to turn. There are many treatment options available, but a promising alternative to surgery is shockwave treatment.

Find out whether shockwave treatment for ED is right for you and learn why Arviv Medical Aesthetics is an excellent option of professional treatment centers in Tampa.


What Are Common Signs of ED?

Erectile dysfunction can have many signs, symptoms and treatment options. Living with ED can be very stressful and cause a range of difficulties. While you should check with your doctor for an accurate diagnosis, here are some common signs of ED:

• Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection

• Lower interest in sex

While occasional symptoms are normal, when these difficulties last two months or more, they may be diagnosed as ED.

While there are medicinal and surgical treatments available, shockwave treatment is an alternative that is proving effective and relatively pain-free.

There are many related sexual problems, so if you have difficulties with delayed or premature ejaculation, these may be signs of another issue. Lack of ejeculation is also typically a symptom of another sexual problem, not ED.

These symptoms may not be improved by shockwave treatment, so consider talking to a medical professional before choosing this treatment option.


Benefits of Shockwave Treatment

There are many causes of ED. However, if your specific cause is scarred erectile tissue, then shockwave treatment has been shown to improve natural abilities for many individuals.

This dynamic treatment works by using a probe to deliver targeted shockwaves to target areas. These shockwaves are typically painless, and the entire process should be completed in 20 minutes or less.

While benefits can vary among patients, the results are encouraging for many individuals. Successful shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction allows individuals to achieve natural, spontaneous erections and sustain erections without taking a pill.

Many of the benefits of shockwave treatment can be achieved naturally and in just a few treatments.


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