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Do you fear hair loss is or will negatively impact your life? Are you missing out on opportunities or embarrassed of thinning hair? Our Tampa Studio Scalp experts at Arviv Medical Aesthetics do their best to treat your concerns with positive hair regrowth solutions. Advanced PRP treatments (Platelet-Rich Plasma) are effectively bringing new vitality to hair loss sufferers worldwide.

Trying Studio Scalp

If you are suffering from hair loss, Arviv Medical Aesthetics is ready to help you regain your confidence. Our safe Studio Scalp hair regenerative injection procedure uses nutrients and a blood sample from the patient to stimulate hair follicles to produce positive results. The treatment is a non-surgical option that provides positive hair-thickening results within months of the procedure.

Studio Scalp PRP injections for Hair Before top After bottom
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What Happens Next?

First, do you fall into the right category? PRP Treatments are most effective with people who either:

  • Have systematic pattern hair loss/thinning

  • Are Alopecia Totalis/Areata sufferers

  • Have hair loss due to medical treatments

  • Have thinning hair in eyebrows or beard area (Hypotrichosis)

  • Are Iron Deficient

Next, we set up a consultation. After going over your concerns, we customize a plan to address the areas in which Studio Scalp treatment is needed. The initial treatment day is scheduled according to your needs. At the appointment, we take a blood sample to produce PRP. We then inject the PRP with nutrients in the areas of the scalp as needed.

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