Can You Change Your Face Shape? Learn How to Safely.

Can You Change Your Face Shape? Learn How to Safely.
February 4, 2022 Arviv Aesthetics
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Is It Possible to Change Your Face Shape

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For a wide variety of reasons, people everywhere and of all backgrounds are often unhappy with the shape of their faces. In fact, you yourself may well have wondered: can you change your face shape?

So, Can You Effectively Change Your Face Shape?

The answer, fortunately, is yes! Through a variety of different options, it is quite possible to change face shape. Even better, many options are non-invasive and fairly rapid. Read on to know a little more about existing possibilities for changing face shape for adults in the Miami, Ocala, and Tampa area. Our team of aesthetics experts and plastic surgeons breaks down some of the ways how you can change your face shape effectively and safely.

How to Change Your Face Shape:

There are several approaches for altering your face’s shape and contours, below we’ll explore a few different options and how to begin the process of exploring facial changes.

First Step to Altering Your Face Shape: The Consultation

Have you ever asked: can you reshape your face? It is often possible, and the first step towards doing it is a consultation. Through a consultation with an experienced medical professional, you can better learn about your options for changing your face shape. In your consultation, you will clearly explain to a medical professional what you would like to change about your face. Together, you can review possibilities and determine the most effective course of action.

Changing Facial Contour Non-Surgically

A surgical procedure for changing the shape of your face can be complicated and time-consuming. But if you want to know — can you change your face shape without surgery? — rest assured that it can be done. A number of options — from liposuction to dermal fillers, to injections — can make noticeable differences to your facial shape in a reliable, safe, and fairly easy way.

Nonsurgical Treatments For Changing the Lower Face

There are a number of options that can allow you to alter the shape of your lower face without invasive or painful surgery. Masseter muscle reduction is one, which can help reduce the appearance of a “square” face, ensuring your lower face appears slimmer.

Another option is a product called Kybella, which when injected will destroy fat cells. This can make a major difference in terms of how your jawline is defined.

Finally, do not forget about dermal fillers. These injectables can add noticeable volume to the lower face, particularly the chin or lower cheeks. These can create the appearance of an altered bone structure, and give your face a more noticeable definition.

Surgical Facial Contouring: Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is an extremely common form of liposuction that allows for rapid discharge from the medical office, as well as quick recovery after the procedure. This can be applied to the chin, face, and neck (as well as other parts of the body), and is a safe and effective way to shed excess fat.

The way the process works is simple: an anesthetic solution will be added to soften fat cells and make them easier to remove (as well as reduce bleeding and bruising after the procedure). A small incision will then be made in the skin, and a cannula will be used to remove fat. Finally, the incision will be covered, and an elastic compression outfit will be prescribed to help recover. The entire process will take several hours, and you will be able to return home the same day.

Everything You Need To Know About Nonsurgical Facelifts

Nonsurgical facelifts — also known as vampire facelifts — are effective alternatives to traditional facelifts. Vampire facelifts essentially work by using platelet-rich plasma from your body to stimulate the renewal of facial cells and the healing of worn and tired skin. This is an alternative to the typical facelift procedure, which involves surgically lifting the face.

The process is quite simple. First, the doctor overseeing the procedure takes blood from the arm, which is then placed into a centrifuge to separate the platelet-heavy plasma. The doctor then uses hyaluronic acid filler to address deep wrinkles and creases. Finally, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into specific areas of the face.

All in all, the procedure is quick and individuals can quickly return home, although multiple sessions may be needed to see the best results. Vampire facelifts can create plumper skin, brightening sallow or dull skin, and can even help with scarring and wrinkles. 

Learn About Face Reshaping Services in South Florida

Can you change your face shape? Yes — you can! If you live in Miami or Tampa, Florida, Arviv Medical Aesthetics is here to help you change face shape. We offer a wide variety of potential procedures, and our staff of skilled professionals is ready to help you look and feel your best.

If you are looking to change your face shape in Miami, Tampa, or Ocala, as well as their surrounding areas in Florida, look no further. Contact Arviv Medical Aesthetics online for a consultation today, or call us at (813) 855-0111 in Tampa or (301) 340-9002 in Miami.

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