Who Can Open a Med Spa?

Who Can Open a Med Spa?
March 30, 2022 Arviv Aesthetics
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how to open a med spa

The med spa industry is one of the most rapidly growing and exciting industries globally. According to the global medical spa market, med spas are projected to grow annually at 12.2% between 2018 and 2025.

Opening a med spa can be a lucrative business idea, and a great source of income for entrepreneurs. However, is anyone allowed to open a med spa in Tampa, Miami, or any other place?

Who Can Open a Med Spa

A med spa is a type of spa that features both an aesthetic medical center and a day spa. It aims at providing an experience you’d get in a day spa together with nonsurgical medical services and anti-aging treatments.

Procedures you can expect at a med spa include non-invasive treatments such as Botox injections and spa treatments like massages and body scrubs.

To own a med spa, you must observe the corporate practice of medicine doctrine. The doctrine means that only companies and individuals with medical backgrounds and certifications can be paid for medical services.

If you are in Tampa or Miami, reach out to Arviv Medical Aesthetics to enjoy our specials and find out how to open a medspa.

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Medical Spa?

If you are wondering how to start a medical spa in Tampa or Miami, or any other place, these are the kind of benefits you should expect to get.


Since insurance agencies don’t cover injectables such as Botox, your business will be cash-based. You won’t have to deal with things like medical billers or hire staff to verify the insurance benefits or other additional administrative needs. Your facility will collect all payments after every service.

Opportunity to Offer Quality Services

Owning a spa means every responsibility rests on your shoulders. Since most of the treatments at med spas involve offering aesthetic services and skin health, you have the opportunity to provide your clients top-notch services and foster great relationships with them.

You can use a membership-based business to create a personalized relationship with clients, and aim at helping clients achieve their skincare goals.

New Learning Opportunity

Med spas provide learning opportunities. You are expected to be aware of everything that goes on in the world of cosmetology. You need to be aware of emerging treatments such as ultrasonic exfoliation, and ionic hydration.

Your clients need to know that the services they are getting are tried and tested. The only way to know that is by staying knowledgeable and up-to-date on treatments.

Do Owners Need Qualifications Before Being Eligible to Open a Med Spa?

Corporate practice of medicine governs med spa ownership since most of the treatments offered at the spa require medical background. So if you want to own a med spa, you must be a qualified medical practitioner with a valid medical license.

Besides a medical license, you must abide by the Salon and Spa rules and regulations, and hire qualified cosmetologists with appropriate licenses for the procedures.

What Qualifications or Certifications Do Med Spa Employees Need?

To secure employment in a med spa, a person needs a medical certificate, and an aesthetics license. However, for a trained nurse and a dentist, they already have the skills and education to comfortably offer their services in the spa.

When hiring your staff, ensure you contact the following agencies to ensure their certification is legitimate:

  • Board of health
  • Local health department
  • Education board
  • Cosmetology Board

What Are the Different Levels of Medical Spas?

Customers will encounter different spa levels with different services, such as:

Aesthetic Spas

Aesthetic Spas offer simple and non-invasive procedures. In other words, the only part affected is the skin’s uppermost layer. Opening aesthetic Spas is much easier since regulations governing them are slightly loose.

Medical Aesthetics Spas

Medical aesthetics spas provide a more enhanced medical procedure that is highly regulated. Clients can expect procedures like light therapy, micro-needling, deeper peels, and skin-tightening procedures. All the procedures must be conducted by a medical practitioner or under their supervision.

The facilities are also governed by a board of professionals in charge of medical personnel.

Plastic Surgery Clinics

The facilities include surgical procedures to alter or modify parts alongside treatments available in a regular spa. Treatments, which include facelifts body augmentation, among others, are only performed by experts in the industry because of their risky nature.

Meet Our Training Team

When you visit us at either of our offices in Tampa or Miami, you will meet a team of experienced professionals, ready to offer you a great experience that will leave you feeling confident, beautiful, and more empowered. Dr. Tali Arviv, our team leader, has more than ten years of experience in laser technology. Together with our team of medical providers, we will offer you whichever treatment you need.

Get the Right Consulting for Your Med Spa Business

Owning a MediSpa business is exciting and stressful at the same time. Besides all the needed qualifications, you must abide by regulations set in place by the medical practitioners’ board to start and operate a spa.

However, it’s smooth sailing once you have everything in place. If you are in Tampa or Miami, FL, walk into our offices at Arviv Medical Aesthetics for a detailed analysis of how to open a medical spa. You can also contact our officers in Tampa or Miami to set an appointment or start a membership plan.

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