Boosting Benefits

Boosting Benefits
June 2, 2020 Dr. Tali Arviv, MD

Boosting Benefits

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone more aware of how to prevent infections by hand washing, cleaning surfaces, and social distancing, but also it has made everyone think more about how to become healthier and stay that way. In order to be healthy, we have to take care of our body and give it the building blocks to support and optimize our immune system. Our immune system is our main line of defense when an intruder has entered our body. An immune system is a group of cells that detect particles that are foreign. Once an intruder is detected, the cells then send out signals to other immune system cells to recruit them for help. The cells make antibodies and release chemicals that help destroy the intruder and also prepare the body for a future attack. In order for these immune system cells to function optimally, we have to treat our bodies well. We have to eat good food that is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, we have to manage our stress levels, and we have to exercise at least 3 times a week. Other things we can do with a little help from a medical provider are to optimize our hormones, increase vitamin intake with IV infusions, and lose weight. Many times we cannot absorb enough nutrients orally. We need to utilize IV infusions to take larger doses of Vitamin C that can be absorbed better into the body. If you have inflammation in your gut, you need to work on reducing inflammation to increase nutrient absorption. You can do a micronutrient test to check the levels of different nutrients in your body. When it comes to hormones, your immune system functions better when your hormones are balanced, you can analyze your hormones with a simple blood or saliva test and then replace hormones that are low or change lifestyle to stimulate your body to produce its own hormones. Some people struggle with their thyroid which mainly stems from lack of iodine, selenium, and iron but also gluten can increase antibodies against proteins in the thyroid which then impair its ability to function well. When hormones are optimized, people sleep better and have more energy. It’s important to understand that boosting the immune system involves many systems but mostly depends on you. There is nothing more important than your health so take the initiative to prioritize your health and get your immune system optimized. – Dr. Tali Arviv

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Don’t forget your immunity!

As medical professionals, I believe it’s very important to take care of your wellness and health. After all, if you are not feeling well you can’t take care of others and provide services to the best of your ability. Wellness is a lifestyle from the foods you eat, to the sleep you get, to the regular exercise, it all matters. Personally, I administer B12 injections to boost my immunity, take vitamin C daily, and try to exercise regularly. When I also feel under the weather I know we have IV vitamin infusion therapy available and best on the market supplements that keep you healthy and at your best performance.

Oksana Shopsha, LE/CCMA

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