Lasers and Beauty Industry 

Lasers and Beauty Industry 
May 5, 2020 Dr. Tali Arviv, MD
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Lasers and Beauty Industry

There are so many different lasers available in the beauty industry nowadays.  When I started as an esthetician 19 years ago we didn’t have this amazing technology available.  The technological aspect is mind-blowing.  We now can achieve long-lasting results and help people with the issues they might not feel confident about.  As a professional,  it’s good to know that here at Arviv Aesthetics  we have top of the line lasers that can work on any skin type. From personal experience, I love laser hair removal because I have always suffered from shaving bumps and rashes. With 10 treatments I eliminated my body hair and love the convenience of not having to shave again. The other laser that I have experienced personally is the Candela Picoway. I had two treatments for my melasma (dark pigmentation) and it helped to brighten my skin.  It’s a great treatment with minimal downtime for pigmentation and skin tightening. As a person that suffers from melasma like most women in tropical places, I am always looking for treatments to maintain my melasma under control.  Regular Professional treatments, medical-grade products, and consistency will get your skin the glow it deserves.

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