Your Favorite Laser Treatment

Your Favorite Laser Treatment
May 5, 2020 Dr. Tali Arviv, MD
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Your Favorite Laser Treatment

We offer an abundance of laser treatments here at Arviv Medical Aesthetics. One of the most popular lasers at our office is the PicoWay/ PicoWay Resolve laser.

PicoWay and PicoWay Resolve can treat a variety of skin conditions, which is why our patients love this machine and the results it provides them with. The laser uses a series of ultra-short bursts to treat below the top layer of skin, therefore minimizing recovery and down-time. There are different handpieces we attach on the machine, depending on what condition we are treating for the patient.

PicoWay is a great way to help patients get rid of dark spots, including age spots, freckles, and melasma. The laser is delivered underneath the surface of the skin and breaks up the pigment. Patients can expect to see the spots appear darker for about a week and then there is a microscopic, fine scabbing that occurs where the pigment sloughs off.

PicoWay is popular for tattoo removal as well. The great thing about using this laser for tattoo removal is that it is effective for many different ink colors for various skin types. Patients usually require multiple sessions (depending on the color of the ink), at least 6 weeks apart.

On the other hand, PicoWay Resolve is great for treating acne scars and wrinkles, both of which are caused by a loss of collagen. The laser promotes collagen and elastin production to improve appearance. This method of treatment is much less invasive than injectables or surgery and requires little to no recovery.