PRP and Sexual Wellness

PRP and Sexual Wellness
April 6, 2020 Arviv Aesthetics
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PRP and Sexual Wellness

By: Dr. Tali Arviv, MD

Platelet Rich Plasma is known as a natural way to repair tissues. Most of us know that it can be used on the skin and some of us even heard of using PRP on hair and joints. But many don’t know that PRP has a role in sexual wellness. Sexual wellness is something personal and many of us are embarrassed to talk about it with our significant other and even with our doctor. I feel honored and trusted when my patients come and share with me their concerns and why they have sought out PRP treatment and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

Different Types of PRP Procedures

The two common procedures using PRP are known as the P-shot and O-shot for sexual wellness. It is important for me to understand what issues my patient is having and to treat them comprehensively using shockwave, PRP and other devices such as vacuum erectile device and pelvic floor muscle stimulators to achieve the best results. Sometimes hormone replacement and even vasodilators are needed to improve outcomes. So if you have tried different things and they are not working 100%, consult with a PRP expert for comprehensive treatment so that you can get back to a healthy and happy sex life.

Does PRP Work?

Platelet Rich Plasma is known as a natural way to repair tissues. However, not all PRP is created equal.  So how can you decide where to go to get an effective treatment? You need to make sure your providers are using the appropriate PRP system which includes the correct collection tubes and centrifuge.

When injecting PRP it is found to be most effective when you have 5 times normal platelet count. In addition, make sure your providers ask you all the correct questions about your medication history to make sure you are not taking medications like aspirin or ibuprofen that will block the platelets from releasing the growth factors you need to make the treatment effective.

At Arviv Medical Aesthetics, after extensive research, we have found the Emcyte system is one of the best systems on the market that guarantees appropriate platelet count. In addition, the tubes that the blood is collected in have a lining that prevents platelets from sticking to walls, maximizing platelet count in the plasma collected. This is the system that we trust and prefer to use for our patients. There are many systems that can be used to make PRP but make sure you do your research to pick the right one so you can get the most out of your treatment.